On our final full day, we got up early to fish at the top lake in order to catch our dinner. We accomplished this within about 45 minutes.

Then we “refrigerated” our trout in the lake and went climbing to the top of the peak overlooking the top lake. It was around 12.500 feet and a pretty serious climb.

It looks here like we’re up pretty high, but really we’re just getting started. We broke up the ascent into something like 7 short climbs. We’d target a place to start, climb up to it, then rest a few minutes. This picture is taken while Emmet and I were resting at the end of Leg #2, while Mark and Shane climb up behind us.

Here I am at the top, pausing to contemplate life, fishing, and being really high up on a rocky precipice.

That’s the second lake way down below. It’s at 11,500 feet.

Mark’s phone got reception at the very top, so we called home.

The Stout Creek Lakes are way down on the other side. Way, way down.

Spent the afternoon back at camp. It looked like this:

Notice the waterfall behind us. About 150 feet high, providing a nice backdrop of white noise the whole time we were there.

Sunset at the lower lake.