Left today on a backpacking trip with Mark Blacksten, Todd Boykin, Nolan Huckabay, Emmet Polster, and Shane Ward. We returned to the Bushnell Lakes, a series of three interconnected alpine lakes near Coaldale, Colorado (not far from Salida along the Arkansas River). The trail we hiked was about 6 miles up, with a 4,000-ft. elevation gain. A pretty serious hike.

We got rained on several times on the way up, and the total hike ended up taking more than six hours.

At the trailhead…

Along the trail.

The first scenic overlook, 3 miles up the trail.

Second nice overlook. Clouds starting to roll in.

Eventually it started raining on us, about two miles short of our destination at the first lake (10,500 ft). It rained on and off for the next few hours.

We arrived in the rain, waited for it to end, then set up some tarps and got everything put together. We had a couple hours of late-evening sunshine before the rain started up again. Here we are during the break.