Q: What should you do as often as possible when you’re 5 years old because it’s cute right now but if you wait much longer it’ll get weird?

A: Wear a cape to a family dinner at a crowded public restaurant (The Plaza).

Owen got this hand-made cape from Jo-Jo for Christmas. It says “Super Owen” on the back, but Owen shrugs off the name and pretends he’s Batman. The best part of being Batman? You’d think it was the cape, but it’s not. It’s the utility belt. Obviously. Owen has one belt in his closet — it happens to be completely unnecessary with his elastic-waist jeans — so he put it on to go with the cape.

The following conversation ensued at dinner:

Me: Owen, you’re too far away from the table. You need to scoot your chair up.

Owen: Batman has a chair-scooter-upper on his belt. (Lifts shirt to display braided leather belt.) See?

Me: Yes, I see. Batman needs to use it.

Owen: He also has a claw to eat chips with. (Thrusts belt toward the table while making generic whooshing sound.)