Our last full day. I’ll miss waking up to this view from our balcony:

And even this view from the front door of our condo:

We didn’t do much today, other than lounge around in the water, play on the beach, and eat all our remaining food.

Another really nice sunset tonight:

Photos by Ellie:

Tomorrow we fly back to OKC, then drive home to Amarillo. We’re not ready, because it’s been a wonderful, restful, beautiful week.

So we swam with wild dolphins today. I’ve never been a big fan of those enclosed swim-with-dolphins things. But there are companies in PCB that will take you to well-known dolphin feeding grounds and let you snorkel among them—in the OPEN OCEAN. These pods of dolphins are not hard to find, and the dolphins are pretty safe and friendly.

We were excited.

On the hunt…

Found them!

We saw a bunch. Aimee touched one. Ellie watched several swim right beneath her, and Owen jumped right into the middle of a pod. It was a blast.

Then we headed to Shell Island and did some snorkeling for sand dollars and starfish. We collected quite a few sand dollars, and Ellie found these starfish (which she photographed and then returned to the wild).

Such a fun day.

We woke up and looked out at the beach to discover a huge manta ray swimming about 30 yards offshore. It probably had a six-foot wingspan. Most of the beachgoers were oblivious to it.

We had a fruits-and-veggies lunch on our balcony.

We played catch in the water, and Frisbee, and floated around on inflatable rafts.

We made a sand turtle.

Owen dug a hole.

At the end of the day, before heading out to dinner, we decided to throw some Chex Mix to the sea gulls congregating near our balcony. That was fun.

We slept late.

We beached.

We swam.

We hot-tubbed.

We went to Pier Park for some pizza. On a whim, we decided to order takeout because it was nearing sunset.

We grabbed our pizza and headed out on the pier. That was a good choice.

The setting sun made the light oranger and oranger.


We started the summer with a bang by taking off last night—after an 8pm basketball game—for Oklahoma City, then took a Southwest flight early this morning bound for Panama City Beach, Florida.

We rented a condo through AirBNB on the 20th floor of Majestic Beach Towers. It had a nice view.

4th floor from the top:

We discovered that no one used the stairs, but the elevators were always crowded. So: built-in exercise.

Gonna be a fun week.

Justin and Rachel Shumaker were in town for the weekend to visit Ella, and they got to use a relative’s membership to the Amarillo Club. So we enjoyed a great meal 30 floors above Amarillo. And a great sunset, too.

Lots of amazing food and dessert and sights and fun.

If you could see her smiling in this photo, you’d know how happy Ellie is.

Before a tournament tomorrow, the Monstars got together tonight at our house for a last-day-of-school and video-watching party. They viewed game film from last weekend and played a little charades.

So Owen got a bunch of stuff at the 6th grade awards assembly. He got a math excellence award, honor roll, and top 2%.

With his friend, Sandler:

He doesn’t yet have to work as hard as Ellie, but he’s just as smart. Congrats, Owen!

We woke up to another Saturday-morning thunderstorm, and this one dumped several inches onto Amarillo in a couple of hours. It resulted in a lot of urban flooding, especially down Granada Street and our back porch.

Ankle-deep in the highest point of our street.

We were supposed to run the Inflatable 5K as a family, but the start time got pushed way back, the course flooded, and they were only able to use 5 of the 20-something promised inflatables. So we passed on the race, but went to check out the starting line anyway.

McDonald Lake, near Walmart, expanded to about 10 times its usual size.

We couldn’t marvel at it for long, because the Monstars had a tournament.

The boys played great, but lost to their arch-rivals, the Jayhawks, in the finals. Too bad.

Ellie received the Superintendent Scholar award for both semesters this year, for keeping a 95+ average in all her subjects. Here she is with our friend, Rod, the superintendent for his last time giving out this award. (He’s retiring.)

Congrats, Ellie!

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