Ace is here! We have a new cousin!

After a long labor, Micha brought him into the world in San Francisco:

Ace has Down Syndrome, which we new was a very high possibility going in. We’re super excited to add another cousin to our cousin fun times.

JoJo is there with the Hohorsts for a few weeks helping them adjust to a new little brother.

He’s very very cute, very cuddly and snuggly, and (so far) a fairly easy baby. We can’t wait to meet him.

Welcome to the world, Ace!

Today was a busy day. In addition to Owen having a basketball tournament with the Monstars, we started our day early at 7am at the Amarillo Marathon. We relayed it (6.5 miles each) with Jennifer Hawley and Brett.

I took the first leg, then handed off to Aimee.

I finished my leg in right under 52 minutes, and she did her leg at a little over 57 minutes—which is really fast considering she used to run at a 10+ minutes per mile pace.

Then, while Jennifer was running the third leg, we booked it over to Amarillo High School where Mission 2540 was setting a Guinness World Record (potentially) in most people doing burpees at once. We met Owen and Ellie there and were among 280+ people at the event.

CrossFit Games champion Rich Froning was there for the festivities.

A drone with a camera was there to capture footage for the Guinness folks.

We did burpees together for two minutes and then it was over.

We headed back to the marathon finish line to catch Brett’s finish for our team.

Ronald McDonald handed out medals. (Proceeds benefitted Ronald McDonald House Charities.)

He was very tall.

Our finish time of 3:39 put us in 4th place as a relay team.

Then we spent the rest of the day watching Owen play basketball. A very active start to a busy weekend!

Today we had a dual lunchtime celebration: Easter at our house and Ellie’s birthday.

I bought myself a new suit with birthday/Christmas money, and we had been waiting for an opportunity to dress up. So we dressed up.

Owen joined us. Kind of.

BSLKB, Memaw, Cissy & Ed, Grammy & Granddad, and JoJo & Pops joined us:



We didn’t do any Easter egg hunts because 1) The kids are getting too old for that; and 2) Because they did that already at JoJo’s on Friday.

Happy Easter/Birthday, Ellie!

Ellie turned 15 years old today! She’s more beautiful than ever.

Here’s a cute picture from her turning-8 party.

She spent the day shopping with Aimee, and one of her purchases came with a Selfie Stick. So we used it to take a birthday family photo.

She opened presents and got mostly jewelry. Or, entirely jewelry.

On birthdays in our family, the birthday boy/girl gets to choose the location of dinner. Ellie elected for Tokyo Japanese Steakhouse.

Then, in a surprise treat, we took her to the Amarillo High School parking lot to let her drive around some. After all, she is 15.

She was reluctant to do it—she thought it would be scary, and hasn’t been looking forward to driving that much—but ended up enjoying herself. It wasn’t as terrifying as expected. She’s careful and did well.

The four of us ended the day by watching the Final Four. A good day.

We gathered at JoJo & Pops’ house tonight for our annual Friday-before-Easter egg-dyeing tradition.

The dirty-fingered aftermath:

JoJo added a new twist this year: A glow-in-the-dark Easter egg-stravaganza.

Here, she gives instructions:

It included a glow-in-the-dark ring toss:

And a dark, flashlight egg hunt:

Everyone had glowsticks:

She also hid glowing eggs outside:

And glow-in-the-dark balloons!


Ellie with a giant half-egg hat:

Thanks for a fun night with eggs, JoJo!

In lieu of an actual birthday party, this year Ellie elected to have a special date with each of her best friends.

On March 27, she and Shraddha got out of school at noon and spent the afternoon shopping.

We went to dinner at Thai Arawan and then they attended the ALT Academy production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

On April 1, she and Chloe had lunch together at Schlotzsky’s on a wonderful school day when they didn’t have to show up until after lunch.

She and Mallory went out for cupcakes after school on April 2.

Ellie and Blakelee met for ice cream that night.

Friends are fun.

I’m helping out with Big Idea Challenge again as a fundraiser for Panhandle PBS. We had our kick-off event tonight at Our City Realty (where Aimee had her 40th birthday party).

A good crowd to start the event. It goes through May 1.

Now we have two children with metal mouths.



Owen had to make a 3D model of the Earth and its interior for his science class. We thought he did an especially great job with it. It’s made from a hollowed-out styrofoam sphere.

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