His vision is still perfect. His understanding of how to sit still in a chair: not so much.

Everyone likes to joke about how children love playing with boxes.

But nobody makes that joke about a 12 year-old and 15 year-old.

It’s been a busy summer, with at least six tournaments in places like Albuquerque, Dallas, and Oklahoma City. (Along with a few weekends in Amarillo.)

A three-game afternoon tournament in the Oklahoma City area closed it out. We drove down this morning and drove home tonight.

We won all three afternoon games, winning our age division in the tournament. Owen averaged 13 points for the afternoon and was probably 7 of 10 on three-pointers. That’s becoming a pretty standard line score for him.

Between his hard work and the experience of playing some very large, very talented teams, we’ve seen Owen’s confidence and skill as a player really start to blossom this year. Can’t wait to see how he does once school basketball starts this fall.

After some online studying, Ellie took the test and got her driver’s permit today. Now she gets to enjoy 8 months of student driving with us. And we get to enjoy riding along with her.

Apparently, today is National S’mores Day. So we made some. Inside.

For this year’s guys-only backpacking weekend, we headed again to the Conejos area, stopping at the South Fork trailhead between Antonito and Platoro. Last year we hiked past Cañon Verde and continued up toward Conejos Peak. But this time we veered left and camped in a lovely meadow where a small stair-stepped creek empties into the south fork of the Conejos. It was a fantastic spot about 6.5 miles from the trailhead.

This time I tried out Aimee’s new GoLite pack. It’s nice and spacious. My gear this time around was 27 pounds without water.

Loading up at the trailhead, which we reached around noon.

Got to our campsite and had it set up by 5 or so.

Mark built a hot-burning Dakota smokeless fire pit, just to try it. It worked!

The next day I fished on the little stream feeding into the Conejos fork. It was a series of waterfalls and was filled with fish. I caught at least 60 in about two hours.

That night a storm rolled in and we were hit with a huge straight-line wind. Maybe 50 mph sustained for about 10 minutes. It bent some tent poles, but everything was OK. Some rain overnight.

The day after that brought nicer weather. After breakfast, we hiked another 5.5 miles up the canyon to Green Lake, a high-altitude lake above the treeline.

We passed some towering cliffs.

…and some waterfalls.

Finally got to the lake around lunchtime.

There were a few fish in there—I caught three—but they weren’t biting too aggressively. It was cold and a little windy, around 50 degrees. This little overhang would have been a nice shelter had it started raining:

We headed back to camp after a couple hours there.


Evening Frisbee:


We got up at 7 the last morning, ate a quick breakfast, and started packing up.

Heading out:

Early-morning aspen hikes are the prettiest.

A great campsite location this year—one of my all-time favorites—and a productive fishing weekend. I’d go back.

Guess who’s becoming infinitely more beautiful every month and just happened to get her braces off today?

This girl:

We went over to JoJo & Pops’ house one last time to hang with the Hohorsts before they return to San Francisco tomorrow.

Ace and I took a little nap:

These cousins love each other:

Today, with the Hohos’ time in Amarillo nearing an end, we decided to have a four-person birthday party for Luke, Chris, Micha, and August—all the August birthdays.

Three-person candle-blowing (Micha must have been feeding Ace):

After brunch and cookie cake, we loaded up in the cars for an afternoon at the H20 waterpark in Pampa—one of our favorite end-of-the-summer destinations.

Aimee is the most graceful backflipper ever:

Pops & JoJo even jumped in! Pretty sure they haven’t been underwater in a decade.

They’ll do anything for their grandkids.

As is our custom, we all enjoyed Wonderland Night for the cousins, with JoJo and Pops. Unlike previous years, it didn’t rain, or even threaten rain.

The kids love this tradition:

August is getting braver and rode the big-kid rides with the big kids. Everyone thought this was awesome.

I had to ride the one scary ride by myself.

Adult fun at Wonderland.

On the bumper cars, Brooksie was my copilot.

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