We celebrated Owen’s birthday all weekend, starting with dinner last night at Tokyo, which is where we always end up going for our birthday dinners. His friend, Cole, is staying with us for the weekend—so he joined us.

Sadly, this is the only photo we got of the occasion.


Today, we decorated the house with streamers and balloons.


All the family came over for an afternoon party.


Basketball-themed cookie, obv.


Memaw needed a breathing treatment due to all the excitement.




Afterward, Owen’s friend Sandler came over and Owen, Cole, and Sandler had a great time staying up late and hanging out for a birthday sleepover.

At some point, Owen and I had fun recreating this 2004 photo—one of my favorites:






Happy birthday, Owen!


Owen had a game yesterday against DeZavala. After several days off for Christmas break, his knee has finally healed up. Which means now he’s fully mobile and playing like himself.

And that means he was the game’s high scorer for Bonham, with 12 points.

He was excited to see his name in the Sports section of the Globe-News.

Another Boyett sibling has turned 40, so we had dinner and chocolate pie at JoJo and Pops’ house.


Photo-bombing (teen and beast) occurred:



Happy birthday, Brooks!

Justin & Rachel Shumaker were in-town this weekend to hang out with Ella, so they came over for our regular Shueys-are-here game night. Ella brought her new hoverboard for us to play with:


There were only two big crashes, but no one was seriously injured.

We started out New Year’s Eve driving home from Dallas. JoJo had gone there earlier this week, so she hitched a ride home with us. She and Owen enjoyed a game on her iPad for a large portion of the drive.


After that, the kids hung out with the cousins for awhile. We went to the Hawley’s for a couple hours to play games, then joined BSLKB for the last hour of 2015.

A certain group of cousins decided to jump into the air the last second of the year so they could land in 2016. Of course.

Here they are in 2015:


And here they are in 2016:


And then we started the year with a family hug, which was weird.


Happy new year!

We planned a short trip to Dallas after Christmas so we could visit Deenie (at her house) and Brownie (at his memory-care center). While there, the Mavericks were playing the Golden State Warriors—who are having a record-breaking season—so we snatched up some tickets for the game.

Brownie’s not nearly as active as he used to be, but he was alert and happy to see us.



Our seats for the game were pretty high, but close enough to still see and enjoy the action. An unorthodox anniversary for the two of us, but still lots of fun!


We expected the Warriors to win, like they’ve been doing all season—they’d only lost one until this game. But Steph Curry was on the bench with an injury and the Mavs dominated them.

The Mavericks led by 18 at halftime.


Final score 114-91. Oops.


Our pre-lit tree didn’t survive the Christmas season.


We clipped all the lights off the branches. It’s still a great tree…we’ll just have to light it ourselves next year.

Due to our business relationship with the Downtown Athletic Club, Owen gets to go up there after school to play on their super-nice court. Today he and his friend, Blaze, got involved with a pick-up game among a bunch of the men who play there. They held their own…I saw Owen score a bunch of points when I got there to take him home, including a three-pointer. Fun watching him get more and more confident as a player.



Brett and Nicole are here for a couple of days, and Paula da Silva—the exchange student who lived with Aimee for a year or so of high school—came to visit from Brazil with her son, Nate.

We spent a bunch of time with everyone at the Storseth house.






Owen got “Googly Eyes,” a drawing game that involves silly glasses.


Nate (and Owen) enjoyed the snow.



Had so much fun hanging out with Paula and Nate!


All we’ve been hearing the last few days is about the giant blizzard heading our way. Estimates were for 18 inches and eight-foot drifts. Fortunately (for us), most of the snow went further south. We got something like four inches, which meant four-foot drifts.



Still a lot of snow, though. Half of the streets are totally clear, and the other half are blocked by giant drifts. It could have been way worse.

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